The Passion For Sugar Genes Fights Fat, But It Has One Drawback.

Ketozin The researchers said Monday that a common version of the gene that makes you eat more sugar plays a role in reducing body fat.

“This goes against the current perception that eating sugar is harmful to health,” said first researcher Timothy Freiling.

The gene can reduce fat in the body because the same “A” version of the FGF21 gene also leads to low protein and fat intake.

But this discovery comes with the disadvantage.

“While this version of the gene reduces body fat,” said Freiling, “it also redistributes fat in the upper body, where it is likely to cause damage, including high blood pressure.”

Frayling is a molecular genetics at the University of Exeter Medical College, in England.

The researchers analyzed data from 450,000 people in the United Kingdom, including biological samples from hundreds of thousands of people, to examine the links between different versions of the FGF21 gene, diet, body fat and blood pressure.

Forskolin Keto Cycle The analysis found that version A of the gene was associated with greater consumption of sugar and alcohol, lower total body fat, high blood pressure and high waist-hip ratio.

The results were published on April 10 in Cell Reports.

“Given that this study has many people, it has given us enough people to trust the associations we are witnessing,” said Niels Group, co-author of the study. Grarup is an associate professor of Metabolic Genetics at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ardor Keto Diet The “A” version of the FGF21 gene is common: about 20 percent of people in Europe have the two largest copies, the researchers said.

According to the researchers, a study of different types of FGF21 can help detect some genetic and biological causes of obesity.

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